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A good word for every day:
The Daily Bible Reading

With the Ecumenical Plan for Bible Reading, you move through the New Testament once every four years, and through the whole Bible in eight years.
The section intended for each day is manageable and not too long.
It is possible to begin with this plan at any time.

In order to open the window with the daily Bible reading, first open the choice of translations by clicking the arrow next to the words "Luther-Bibel 1984". Choose KJV as your English translation. Then, click the link with the current Bible verse. Don't worry about the frame being in German.

Ideas for Reading the Bible

Develop your own small ritual for reading the Bible on a regular basis.
A few possibilities that might be helpful in doing so:

The Setting

Choose a time and a place when you are by yourself and undisturbed. If possible, at the same time every day.


Choose the translation that works best for you.
Here, we can supply the Ecumenical Plan in the translation of the King James Version only. You may want to compare different translations.
Maybe you enjoy the beauty of a traditional translation. Or maybe you feel that a more modern translation works better for you.

Suggestions for a Procedure

Take your time to read the scripture passage.
Possibly something strikes your attention while reading. A question that comes up. Or a sentence that seems important to you. Or something you do not understand. Or something that annoys you or makes you angry.
Don't be shy to take notes. A question mark, an exclamation mark, or a small side note.
Write your thoughts into a separate notebook if you prefer. Or right into your Bible.
Your Bible can take that. Your Bible wants to be a living book, not a museum exhibit.

You may find it helpful to read a small explanation with your Bible reading.
There are a number of books or calendars that offer such explanations. You can find some of the German language books in our collection of links.

Let the Bible reading sink in during a few minutes of silence.
You can round off this personal time with a small prayer and the Lord's Prayer.
Finally, you could say a blessing for yourself and for all those who are important to you.

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